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There are times when you evaluate your body and also notification marks that just weren't there before. Everyone obtains stressed when they see marks, bumps, or lumps on their skin or in the genital area and aren't sure their nature. That is why it is very important to seek advice from a dermatologist in cases like these, but regrettably a lot of us let too much time pass before doing something about it.

If you have discovered lumps on your penis we advise you to call our Head Workplace at Renew Skin & Wellness Center and arrange a consultation throughout which the seasoned dermatologists will run some examinations that will figure out if you are a legitimate candidate for any one of the swellings or penis spot removal therapies.

White or skin-colored swellings on penis might be Pearly Penile Papules or Fordyce spots. PPP show up just in guys, but the Fordyce spots can also stand for an unaesthetic problem for females. Both are asymptomatic, harmless, not related to individual hygiene and also can not be sexually transferred. You might be able to live with them, yet they could create significant issues when it pertains to intimate connections.

There are very reliable lumps on penis elimination treatments done at our Renew Skin & Health and wellness Facility which you could decide to undergo after you had the specialized examination. These treatments are made an application for PPP removal or Fordyce spots removal, but additionally other skin conditions. The surgical procedure is called micro-punch excisional surgical procedure, however it could trigger unaesthetic scarring. The non-surgical cosmetic procedures that trigger very little to no scarring and also bleeding are radiosurgery, CO2 laser therapy and also cryosurgery. These are safe, non-invasive and also painless PPP removal or Fordyce places elimination treatments that are executed with great care by the skilled skin specialists at Renew Skin & Health and wellness Facility as well as the final cosmetic results will simply impress you.

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