Laparoscopy, Endometriosis


Patients had extreme congestive Dysmenorrhea( Additional duration discomfort) considering that 1994, at the time was 11 years period of Pelvic pain, Congestive Dysmenorrhea and also Deep Dyspareunia9Painful Sexual intercourse).

Client was referred by her GP on 25th February 2011 with the adhering to record:
1. 17/11/1993 Uneven periods Aiming to conceive
2. 24/12/1993 Polycystic Ovaries
3. 25/03/1994 Pregnant LMP 26.12.1993
4. 24/08/1994 Work
5. 26/09/1994 Birth Normal (Infant) Haemogl-10.7/ Male.
6. 30/04/1996 Patient Expecting LMP-8.3.96.
7. 17/12/1996 Various other hospital admission NOS.
8. 20/12/1996 Regular Birth Male.
9. 12/02/2004 Evaluating NOS UK Familial Ovarian Cancer cells Screening Research, ST MH.
10. 20/04/2004 [D] Pelvic pain musculoskeletal discomfort, A&E.
11. 21/04/2004 Left iliac fossa discomfort.
12. 19/10/2004 Analysis laparoscopy EUA of hips department of bonds.
13. 11/01/2011 ADCAL-D3 chewable tab 1twice a day.

You was admitted for hysteroscopy and Personnel Laparoscopy, endometriosis was dealt with as well as utilizing Bipolar cautery and adhesiolysis.