Edema Treatment tips – Edema Treatment Natural Remedies

Edema Treatment tips – Edema Therapy Natural Remedies. Deal with edema by consuming potassium rich food. These food have ability to eliminate edema brought on by liquid retention.
Edema Therapy:
1. Consume banana daily due to the fact that banana has high potassium material. Therefore, consuming banana is a very good edema treatment.
2. Eat Tomatoes daily. Tomatoes are additionally abundant in potassium. Therefore it assists in decreasing fluid retention.
3. Raisins have capacity to eliminate the liquid. So, eat raisins daily to alleviate edema.

What is Edema?
Edema is swelling brought on by liquid retention in body cells or in the blood circulation system. It is most usual in feet, ankle joints and also legs.

Resting and also standing for long periods, infection, reduced or high blood pressure, consuming salted foods, exposure to high warmth and so on


Symptoms: Swelling in feet, ankles, legs, shortness of breath, muscle discomforts are major signs of Edema.


1. Consume potassium rich food (i.e. banana, tomato, rasins, avocadoes, potato, yogurt etc.).

2. Consume dark leafy eco-friendly veggies to treat edema.

Do n’ts.

1. Don’t eat polished foods (i.e. white bread, sugar, pastas etc.).

2. Do not consume meat and baked food.

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Attempt above remedies as well as therapies for Edema therapy.

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