How to reduce swelling in legs during pregnancy?- Dr. Shefali Tyagi

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Swelling in legs is a typical symptom of maternity. When you become pregnant, you have additional amount of water in your body. From 5 liters of non-pregnant ranks, the blood enhances to concerning 6 and also a fifty percent litres in pregnancy.

As a result of gravity, the extra water enters to your legs as well as it materializes as swelling.

At the end of the day, you could dip your feet in cozy water and also add a little salt to it.

When you are being in office or in your home, you can keep a feces or a dust container in front of your leg, maintain your leg up.

In the evening you could maintain a cushion below your ankles.

All this will certainly aid you put the water in your legs back in circulation to make sure that the swelling will certainly minimize.

The blood pressure tracking is done every antenatal see, if you blood pressure is not high, you need not get stressed over your swelling in legs at all.

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