ITCHY bottom: Elephant resorts to using a rock to scratch bum

ITCHY bottom: Elephant turn to utilizing a rock to damage bum

Dereck Hindry captures amusing elephant using a rock to damage his bottom at Kruger National Park

Now THAT 'S a jumbo-sized impulse! Humorous minute elephant made use of a concrete block to scrape its bottom in front of surprised vacationers

A holidaymaker has actually caught hilarious video of an elephant utilizing a concrete water pump cover to scratch an itch on its backside.

Any individual who's ever before had an itch they can't scrape will certainly sympathize operating the huge pet, which was stuck in between a rock as well as a difficult location at Kruger National Park in South Africa.

The circular item of concrete appeared to do the technique for the elephant as it bowed in addition to it and also relocated its bottom back and forth for almost half a minute.