[EDIT: given that i made this video i 'd been to the docs and they stated it was PUPPPs and provided me steriod cream, which superheated on my skin as well as left me operating 3rd degree melt looking crying terribly unpleasant as well as scratchy sores throughout my legs and also tummy, bottom and back. it was also on the hearts of my feet!

FOR PEOPLE DEALING WITH PUPPPS – SUDOCREME as well as Bandages! It was the ONLY hing that took the sting and also itch out of my rashes. I lathered on the sudocreme (nappy rash cream) then placed 'tubeygrips' as we scots call them (the kind of bandages you would certainly get for a sprain) over them. I resembled a proper old egyptian mummy, lol, yet it was worth it for the pain alleviation.]
4 Days PostPartum. My rash has actually become an explosion of itchy, blistery, firey, scratchy, irritating, burning, scabby, horrible looking boily kind sores and also has actually spread out around my entire stomach, both legs as well as feet [soles included], both arms, one hand and bottom. Not delighted:'-LRB- I cannot take anything for it either as i'm breast feeding – things i'm going through for this kid … i inform ye. Yet i simply have to look at him drawing away and also it is ALL so extremely worth it.:D x.

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