Natural Relief For Menstrual Cramps!

When it's that time of the month, lots of women turn to Ibuprofen for menstrual pain relief! Is there a much safer, a lot more natural means to alleviate the pain? Tara clarifies exactly how thyme oil could be much more reliable compared to many various other medications!

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Research Reveals Thyme Oil Better Than Advil For Menstruation Discomfort

" A new study reveals a surprisingly reliable treatment for those painful month-to-month aches that lots of females experience: thyme vital oil. Who understood? It has been located to work much better compared to ibuprofen for menstruation pain, without the adverse effects."

Relative Effect of Thymus Vulgaris and also Advil on Key Dysmenorrhea: A triple-blind scientific research study

" Dysmenorrhea is among one of the most typical clinical issues in gynecology creating several issues in the personal and also social life of ladies. This research study was carried out to compare the result of thymus vulgaris as well as ibuprofen on the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea."

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