STOP MENSTRUAL CRAMPS – “Luna’s Touch” – Relaxation & Stress Relief Music Therapy

◢ We know just how excruciating the Time of The Month for females can be, so this track was specifically made to assist ease and also lower the pain produced by menstruation cramps. Utilizing binaural beat and isochronic tones embedded in this songs treatment track, the waves flow from 12Hz to 2.5 Hz, supplying you with pain alleviation, leisure, soothes muscle tension and also decreases blood pressure, boosts anxiety tolerance, has rejuvenating impacts, mood elevation, and also is carefully connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra and also the Heart Chakra, which are for self-healing the body and mind, as well as for good blood circulation of the blood. Since women's feelings are greatly influenced by the menstruation cycle, this track also provides you with calmness, much less anxiousness and love for self and others.
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We, at Brainwave Power Music, have been committing ourselves in creating initial sound treatment music tracks, using binaural beats and isochronic tones as our primary noise element together with different instruments and also soundscapes to produce a loosened up audio atmosphere. We have one main objective: To assist others via our music, be it for physical, psychological, psychological or spiritual objectives. We upload a bunch of brand-new content on our network weekly, as well as we continuously strive to provide more brand-new music therapy tracks for everybody.

Our other songs classifications are for:.
– Reflection.
– Chakra Cleansing.
– Leisure.
– Healing Self-Healing.
– General Balance & Well-Being.
– Study and also Job Aids.
– Lucid Fantasizing, Astral Forecast & Dream Boosters.
– Planetary Frequency Links.

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– Lucid Thinking Sleep Track (8 Hr Sleep Cycle Track).

– Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphin Launch.

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◢ Meditation & Leisure Songs.
Developed as your ambient enhancement throughout your reflection, leisure, and also spiritual connection sessions.

◢ Chakra Cleansing, Restorative Self-Healing & Overall Balance.
Chakras are power points in the body and also moves in the body through the life force prana. Our music tracks are committed to fire up, clean, as well as trigger all your chakras utilizing numerous frequency waves that are attached to specific parts of our human facet, be it literally, psychologically, emotionally as well as mentally.

◢ Research study as well as Job Aids.
Obtain your mind to function and also boost your focus, focus, imagination as well as information absorption without the stress or stress and anxiety with our relaxing work as well as research music enhancements.

◢ Rest Inducers, Astral Forecast & Desire Enhancers.
We have actually been producing a great deal of distinct music tracks committed in order to help you to sleep, or get a deep, great sleep that will leave you charged and rejuvenated after waking. Our astral as well as lucid dreaming tracks are all carefully developed making certain that you can accomplish subconscious understanding.

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