Endometriosis, Endometriotic Cyst, Chocolate cyst 1

Endometriotic Cyst
Pelvic Pain
Period Discomfort
Uncomfortable Intercourse
Deep Dysparunia
The inability to conceive
34 years of ages woman has been experiencing dynamic pelvic pain, duration starting couple of days before period, excruciating sexual intercourse, and also has actually been pursuing a baby for 18 month.
Examination there was serious tenderness of the interior genital body organs, cervical excitation and also left ovarian cyst.
Pelvic ultrasound, Doppler, 3D exposed Endometriotic cyst moderate in size on the left ovary.
Therapy performed in form of Operative Laparoscopy, Ovarian Cystectomy, cautery of Endometriotic deposits on the Ovary, as well as Uterosacral Ligaments.using monopolar as well as bipolar cautery., alternative means we use call fibre or cost-free beam laser endoscopic surgical treatment. Delicious chocolate cyst.

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