14DPO CD27-Update and current symptoms

Cycle # 4 Sept.24-Sept.30.
Ovualted at some point in between 11/6-11/ 6.

CD13 BD UTI Symptoms for 4 hrs as well as alsted until CD17, identified 3 times, brown detecting.
CD14 BD pains, moody, OVULATION.
CD15-CD17 1-3DPO womb felt like it got on fire, extremely gassy, aches, pinches and also twinges.
CD18 4DPO pain in uterus while sneezing, felt puffed up, sore boobs.
CD19 5DPO yellowy cm while wiping, large stabing pain in womb while flexing down from bed, aches as well as pinches on left side.
CD20 5DPO large stabbing pain on best side and also felt it down my leg, aching boobs, outbreak.
CD21 6DPO lower backache, sore boobs, headache, largest chunks of white lotiony cm, vivid desires, extremely warm in the evening.
CD22 7DPO brilliant desire, pains, aching boobs, great deals of white creamy centimeters, backache, frustration, warm flashes at night.
CD23-CD24 8-9DPO brilliant dreams, warm flashes at night, aching boobs, pinches.
CD24-CD27 10-14DPO af like pains all day, thick white centimeters, dark eco-friendly noticeably boob capillaries, boobs really feel and also look larger, whiteish/clear discharge from left boob.

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