Sore Breasts

Sore Breasts

OK, individuals no laughing. I fulfilled an excellent guy recently, as well as have been satisfied numerous times. Love it, no issues. Yet, he truly has a breast fixation, and also invests nearly all the time sucking, nibbling as well as eating at my busts. When he does not use his teeth, he utilizes his finger, as well as lightly squeezes the, at the time its pure erotic fun. Now they are so delicate, and uncomfortable. They are red, however I have applied cream to them, and when I use my bra it is pure heck! I understand it will certainly go away soon, yet I love meeting this individual. I am meeting him tomorrow, what can I put on my nips to protect them, without disturbing him?

And also people do you have the exact same problems?

Lexxi replies:

Existed done that. I find if I put on a good blob of lube a hr before I obtain clothed to go for my fun, that assists shield my nipples during the rough parts.Of training course see to it you dry, before putting on the gown. One thing Mary, my buddies tell me that if you are pregnant you will get aching boobs. Or if you area woman of certain age as well as time of the month. An additional point to think about, is to get him to use lube to your nipple areas. May get him satisfied, and also maintain you wet and safeguarded.

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