Therapy Socks for big ankles

Prolotex ™ "LOOSENED UP FIT" Bio-Ceramic Far Infrared Treatment socks for calming discomfort alleviation as well as boosted blood circulation to your ankle joints, feet and also toes.

This cutting edge brand-new style attributes non-binding soft cuff ankles that keep offering. Say goodbye to pinching or excruciating struggling with socks that suffocate and restrict blood circulation to your ankles and also feet.

These fantastic Therapy Socks are made with the very same special patented biography– ceramic healing products Prolotex ™ is well-known for.

Now, with the added feature of a Non-Binding, Soft Cuff, you acquire the benefit of a more "loosened up" fit.

Make use of these unique Infrared Therapy Socks for Swollen Ankles, Gout pain, Diabetic problems, Cold Feet, Raynaud's Disorder, Athletes foot, minimizing smell, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome & Joint inflammation Joint Discomfort Relief.

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