Pregnancy Exercise For Swollen Face

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This exercise reduces stress in neck as well as gives remedy for swelling or puffiness of the face. It additionally reduces dual chin.

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Neck Extends:

– Supplies relief from swelling and puffiness of the face
– Enhances thyroid functioning
– Strengthens back muscular tissues
– Assists relax the upper body

Workout Technique:

1. Lie down on a non-slip mat
2. Fold your legs in the cross leg position
3. Place your hands next to your body
4. Elevate your shoulders as well as transform your head, such that the top of your head, is hing on the flooring
5. Hang on to the placement for 8 matters
6. Return to the beginning position
7. Repeat this 4 times


– Discomfort in pelvis, vagina or groin
– Discomfort in abdominal area
– Breathless
– Leaking fluid from the vaginal canal
– Lightheadedness or light-headedness
– Outstanding fetal task


– This exercise can be done throughout the pregnancy
– Avoid working out on vacant stomach

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